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Faculty Members

Russ Altman headshot

Russ Altman,

Professor of Bioengineering, Genetics, Medicine, and (by courtesy) Computer Science,

Director of Helix Group at Stanford

Euan Ashley headshot

Euan Ashley,

Professor of Medicine, Genetics, and (by courtesy) Pathology,

Ashley Lab P.I. 

Gill Bejerano headshot

Gill Bejerano,

Professor of Developmental Biology, Computer Science, and Pediatrics (Medical Genetics),

Bejerano Lab P.I. 

Ami Bhatt headshot

Ami Bhatt,

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology) and of Genetics

Bhatt Lab P.I. 

Devaki Bhaya headshot

Devaki Bhaya,

Professor of Plant Biology at the Carnegie Institution of Science,

Bhaya Lab P.I.

Scott Boyd headshot

Scott Boyd, 

Associate Professor of Pathology,

Boyd Lab P.I. 

Mike Cherry headshot

Mike Cherry,

Professor of Genetics,

Cherry Lab P.I. 

Mildred Cho headshot

Mildred Cho,

Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine,

Researcher in Center for Biomedical Ethics

Christina Curtis headshot

Christina Curtis, 

Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and Genetics, 

Curtis Lab P.I. 

Moises Exposito Alonso headshot

Moisés Expósito Alonso

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology at Carnegie Institution for Science

Moi Lab P.I. 

Andrew Fire headshot

Andrew Fire

Professor in Molecular and Genetic Medicine and Professor Genetics

Fire Lab P.I. 

Daniel Fisher headshot

Daniel Fisher,

Professor of Applied Physics and (by courtesy) Biology and Bioengineering

Fisher Research Group P.I.

Hunter Fraser headshot

Hunter Fraser,

Professor of Biology,

Fraser Lab P.I. 

Tadashi Fukami headshot

Tadashi Fukami,

Professor of Biology,

Fukami Lab P.I. 

Elizabeth Hadly headshot

Elizabeth Hadly,

Professor of Environmental Biology and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment,

Hadly Lab P.I. 

Susan Holmes headshot

Susan Holmes,

Professor of Statistics,

Holmes Lab P.I. 

David Kingsley headshot

David Kingsley,

Professor of Developmental Biology,

Kingsley Lab P.I. 

Richard Klein headshot

Richard Klein,

Professor of Biology, Anthropology and School of Humanities and Sciences

Josh Knowles headshot

Joshua Knowles,

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center


Stephen Montgomery headshot

Stephen Montgomery,

Professor of Pathology, Genetics, and (by courtesy) Computer Science,

Montgomery Lab P.I. 

Julia Palacios headshot

Julia Palacios, 

Assistant Professor of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Science

Palacios Group P.I. 

Stephen Palumbi headshot

Stephen Palumbi,

Professor of Marine Sciences and Director of the Hopkins Marine Station,

Palumbi Lab P.I. 

Kabir Peay headshot

Kabir Peay,

Professor of Biology,

Peay Lab P.I. 

Stephen Quake headshot

Stephen Quake,

Professor of Bioengineering, Applied Physics, and (by courtesy) Physics,

Quake Group P.I. 

David Relman headshot

David Relman, 

Professor of Microbiology and Immunity, 

Relman Lab P.I. 

Jessica Riskin headshot

Jessica Riskin

Professor of History

Julia Salzman headshot

Julia Salzman,

Professor of Biochemistry,

Salzman Lab P.I. 

Molly Schumer headshot

Molly Schumer, 

Assistant Professor of Biology (starting 9/1/19),

Schumer Lab P.I. 

Gavin Sherlock headshot

Gavin Sherlock,

Professor of Genetics,

Sherlock Lab P.I. 

Arend Sidow headshot

Arend Sidow,

Professor of Pathology and Genetics,

Sidow Lab P.I. 

David Siegmund headshot

David Siegmund

Professor of Statistics

Michael Snyder headshot

Michael (Mike) Snyder,

Professor of Genetics, 

Snyder Lab P.I. 

Alfred Spormann headshot

Alfred Spormann, 

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and (by courtesy) Biology,

Spormann Lab P.I. 

Hua Tang headshot

Hua Tang,

Professor of Genetics,

Tang Lab P.I.

Alice Ting headshot

Alice Ting,

Professor of Genetics, Biology, and (by courtesy) Chemistry

Ting Lab P.I.

Shripad Tuljapurkar headshot

Shripad Tuljapurkar, 

Professor of Biology and Population Studies,

Tuljapurkar Lab P.I.

Dennis Wall headshot

Dennis Wall,

Professor of Pediatrics and (by courtesy) Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,

Wall Lab P.I. 

Wing Wong headshot

Wing Wong,

Professor of Statistics, Science and Human Health, and (by courtesy) Biology,

Wong Lab P.I.