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Fellowships and Fellows

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 Application Instructions (due April 30, 2021)

Fellowship support is centered on the transition from graduate school to postdoctoral fellowship. This period is important for trainees as they seek to develop their longer-term research interests, professional identities, and professional networks. However, relatively few avenues for support are available for trainees at this stage, as many funding opportunities for graduate training focus on the early part of graduate school, and many postdoc funding opportunities require the research relationship with the postdoctoral mentor to be well-established. We seek to address this gap in funding opportunities.

To enhance trainee experiences during the graduate-postdoc transition, we provide graduate students at the conclusion of their degree and beginning postdoctoral fellows with support in a number of forms. First, trainees receive financial support during the transition period, to support completion of their graduate degree or to launch their postdoctoral work. Second, conference travel support is provided in order to assist predoctoral fellows in planning for their postdoctoral experience and enable postdoctoral fellows to present their work and position themselves for job opportunities. Third, fellows are provided with opportunities to lead and participate in scientific activities in the Center, with the aims of advancing their own research, enhancing their professional skills, and developing meaningful scientific relationships with Center faculty and other trainees.

Submit fellowship application to (2021-22 applications due April 30, 2021, Letters due April 30, 2021). 

2020-21 Fellows

Fellow Pre- or Post- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position (N/A)
Abreu, Clare Post-Doctoral Dmitri Petrov  
Barnes, Elle Post-Doctoral Tad Fukami  
Birzu, Gabriel Post-Doctoral Daniel Fisher  
Chen, Heidi Pre-Doctoral Gill Bejerano and David Kingsley  
Ferraro, Nicole Pre-Doctoral Stephen Montgomery  
Hays, Michelle Post-Doctoral Gavin Sherlock  
Mooney, Jazlyn Post-Doctoral Noah Rosenberg  
Severson, Alissa Pre-Doctoral Noah Rosenberg  
Sinnott-Armstrong, Nasa Pre-Doctoral Jonathan Pritchard  
Weiss, Clemens Post-Doctoral Jonathan Pritchard  

2019-20 Fellows

Fellow Pre- or Post- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position (N/A)
Agoglia, Rachel Pre-Doctoral Hunter Fraser  
Ebel, Emily Pre-Doctoral Petrov Lab  
Fremin, Brayon Pre-Doctoral Bhatt Lab  
Langdon, Quinn Post-Doctoral Schumer Lab  
Simons, Yuval Post-Doctoral Pritchard Lab  
Weiss, Carly Post-Doctoral Petrov Lab  

2018-19 Fellows 

Fellow Pre- or Post- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position (N/A)
Agarwala, Atish Pre-Doctoral Daniel Fisher  
Bogar, Laura Pre-Doctoral Kabir Peay  
Hornburg, Daniel Post-Doctoral Michael Snyder  
Li, Yuping Pre-Doctoral Gavin Sherlock & Dmitri Petrov  
Mack, Katya Post-Doctoral Hunter Fraser  
Popejoy, Alice Post-Doctoral Carlos Bustamante  
Sanchez, Monica Post-Doctoral Dmitri Petrov  
Song, Janet Pre-Doctoral David Kingsley Postdoc, Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Tamburini, Fiona Pre-Doctoral Ami Bhatt Associate Scientist, Genentech

2017-18 Fellows 

Fellow Post- or Pre- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position 
Endlich, Solomon Postdoctoral Gill Bejerano Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics (SITP)
Feder, Alison Predoctoral Dmitri Petrov Miller Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
Frank, Hannah Postdoctoral Scott Boyd  
Greenbaum, Gili Postdoctoral Noah Rosenberg  
Harpak, Arbel Predoctoral Jonathan Pritchard Postdoctoral Researcher, Columbia University
Jagadeesh, Karthik Predoctoral Gill Bejerano  
Li, Chuan Postdoctoral Dmitri Petrov  
Liu, Boxiang Predoctoral Stephen Montgomery Research Scientist, Baidu USA
Mehta, Rohan Predoctoral Noah Rosenberg  
Morikawa, Megan Predoctoral Stephen Palumbi Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Santa Barbara and Iberostar Hotel & Resorts
Herrera Paredes, Sur Postdoctoral  Hunter Fraser  
Telis, Natalie Predoctoral Jonathan Pritchard Statistical Geneticist, AncestryDNA


2016-17 Fellows

Fellow Post- or Pre-Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position
Boyer, Sebastien Postdoctoral Gavin Sherlock Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Genetics
DeBoever, Chris Postdoctoral Jonathan Pritchard/Stephen Montgomery/Carlos Bustamante Vice President of Platform, Data4Cure (San Diego)
Deng, Tricia Predoctoral Billy Li PhD Student, Stanford Genetics 
Gao, Ziyue Postdoctoral Jonathan Pritchard Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Genetics and Biology
Goldberg, Amy Predoctoral Noah Rosenberg Miller Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley (Nielsen Lab); Incoming  Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke
Greenblum, Sharon Postdoctoral Dmitri Petrov Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology
Kim, Jaehee Postdoctoral Noah Rosenberg Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology
Solari, Katie Predoctoral Liz Hadly Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology
Ram, Yoav Postdoctoral Marcus Feldman Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology. Next, Senior Lecturer on Tenure-Track, the School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya (Israel). 
York, Ryan Predoctoral Hunter Fraser Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Neurobiology
Zappala, Zach Predoctoral Stephen Montgomery Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Previously, Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital.


2015-16 Fellows 

Fellow Post- or Pre- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position
Behar, Hilla Postdoctoral Marcus Feldman Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Applied Mathematics
Fresard, Laure Postdoctoral Stephen Montgomery Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Pathology
Herissant, Lucas Postdoctoral Gavin Sherlock Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Genetics
Jiang, Chao Postdoctoral Mike Snyder Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Genetics
Kaplow, Irene Predoctoral Hunter Fraser and Anshul Kundaje Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University
Krishna Kumar, Siddharth Predoctoral Shripad Tuljapurkar PhD Student, Stanford Mathematical Biology
Letten, Andrew Postdoctoral Tadashi Fukami Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand (Stouffer Lab)
Li, Yang Postdoctoral Jonathan Pritchard Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine, University of Chicago
McLaren, Michael Predoctoral Marcus Feldman Postdoctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University
Ravencraft, Alison Predoctoral Kabir Peay Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Arizona
Priya Singh, Param Postdoctoral Anne Brunet Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Genetics
Szabo, Linda Predoctoral Julia Salzman Computational Biologist at Driver (Bay Area)
Uricchio, Lawrence Postdoctoral Noah Rosenberg Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology
Venkataram, Sandeep Predoctoral Dmitri Petrov Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego Biological Sciences


2014-15 Fellows 

Fellow Post- or Pre- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position
Alcala, Nicolas Postdoctoral Noah Rosenberg Postdoctoral Researcher, International Agency for Research on Cancer/ World Health Organization (IARC-WHO), Lyon, France
Algee-Hewitt, Bridget Postdoctoral Noah Rosenberg Research Scientist, Stanford Biology
Bay, Rachael Predoctoral Stephen Palumbi NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Tropical Research, UCLA 
Bhaskar, Anand Postdoctoral  Jonathan Pritchard Data Scientist, 23andMe
Garud, Nandita Predoctoral Dmitri Petrov Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSF Gladstones Institute. Previously, Data Science Intern at Intuit. 
Kolodny, Oren Postdoctoral Marcus Feldman Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford Biology (Feldman Lab); next, Faculty Member at Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
McFarland, Christopher Postdoctoral  Dmitri Petrov Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology (Petrov Lab)
McManus, Kimberly Predoctoral  Carlos Bustamante

Computational Biologist, 23andMe. Previously, Software Engineer in Machine Learning/Data Mining at LinkedIn. 

O'Brown, Natasha Predoctoral David Kingsley Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Rychkova, Anna Postdoctoral  Carlos Bustamante Scientist at Amgen, Comparative Biology and Safety, Sciences Department, Computational Biology
Xie, Kathleen  Predoctoral  David Kingsley Stanford Affiliate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute


2013-14 Fellows 

Fellow Post- or Pre- Doctoral Faculty Advisor Current Position
Jewett, Ethan Predoctoral  Noah Rosenberg
Computational Biologist, 23andMe
Kamneva, Olga Postdoctoral  Noah Rosenberg Principal Data Scientist, Roche Sequencing Solutions (Ariosa)
Kyriazopoulou-Panagiotopoulou, Sofia Predoctoral Serafim Batzoglou Principal Scientist, ArsenalBio`
Marcovitz, Amir Postdoctoral Gill Bejerano Bioinformatics Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mendez, Fernando Postdoctoral Carlos Bustamante Senior Bioinformatics Engineer, Invitae
Ioannidis, Nilah Postdoctoral Carlos Bustamante Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
Peterson, Christine Postdoctoral Chiara Sabatti Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Tepolt, Carolyn Predoctoral Stephen Palumbi Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Wittmann, Meike Postdoctoral Dmtri Petrov Junior Professor, University of Bielefeld, Germany