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Recent News

Feb 19 2021
This research, now published in PLOS Computational Biology, features a new model of disease spread describing how competing economic and health incentives influence social contact—and vice versa. The result is a complex and dynamic epidemic trajectory.
Feb 18 2021
A new study in Molecular Biology and Evolution from Liz Hadly's group at Stanford and others reveals the lasting genetic impacts of increased isolation among different tiger populations.
Mar 9 2020 | The Conversation
This recent piece by Maciej Boni, now associate professor at Penn State and a leading epidemic modeler, is very sobering. Boni is a former Ph.D. student of CEHG co-director Marcus Feldman.
I’m pleased to tell you that the paper that Meike Wittmann worked on as a former CEHG postdoc fellow (co-advised by Dmitri Petrov and Tadashi Fukami) has been given the 2019 Presidential Award from the American Society of Naturalists! Read more about the paper and the award in yesterday's...
Jun 20 2018
Congratulations to the new Program for Conservation Genomics (PCG), directed by Dmitri Petrov and hosted by Stanford CEHG, for the pre-print release of their research on "Empowering conservation practice with efficient and economical genotyping from poor quality samples using mPCRseq."   Authors: ...