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Apr 15 2021
Applications due April 30, 2021. See Programs --> Fellowships and Fellows on this site for more information.
Feb 19 2021
This research, now published in PLOS Computational Biology, features a new model of disease spread describing how competing economic and health incentives influence social contact—and vice versa. The result is a complex and dynamic epidemic trajectory.
Feb 18 2021
A new study in Molecular Biology and Evolution from Liz Hadly's group at Stanford and others reveals the lasting genetic impacts of increased isolation among different tiger populations.
Mar 9 2020 | The Conversation
This recent piece by Maciej Boni, now associate professor at Penn State and a leading epidemic modeler, is very sobering. Boni is a former Ph.D. student of CEHG co-director Marcus Feldman.
I’m pleased to tell you that the paper that Meike Wittmann worked on as a former CEHG postdoc fellow (co-advised by Dmitri Petrov and Tadashi Fukami) has been given the 2019 Presidential Award from the American Society of Naturalists! Read more about the paper and the award in yesterday's...