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Nov 14 2014
Stanford University Receives New Grant From Amgen Foundation To Host Amgen Scholars Program 17 Top Educational Institutions Worldwide Partnering In The Twelve-Year, $50 Million Program
The new center plans to get students and faculty from across Stanford to "engage in interdisciplinary collaborations that will catalyze discovery in emerging fields of research," according to Stanford.
Dec 3 2012 | GenomeWeb
The center will consult with academic institutions, industry, government, and research organizations on collaborations, will support graduate and postdoctoral students, and in its first year will launch public outreach programs in three areas – genomics and social systems, medical genomics, and...
Dec 3 2012 | Stanford Report
With a new research center, Stanford scientists from across campus will join a new "information age of genomics." The goal is nothing short of improving human well-being.