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Stanford nectar research sheds light on ecological theory

Cells of Metschnikowia gruessii, one of the four species of nectar-inhabiting yeasts that were used by the Fukami Lab to study how species coexist.
Image credit: Manpreet Dhami, Tadashi Fukami and Lydia-Marie Jouber.

Check out this new research out of CEHG's Fukami Lab!

"A sticky drop of nectar clinging to the tip of a hummingbird’s beak drips into the next flower the bird visits. With that subtle change, the microbes within that drop are now in a new environment, teeming with other microbes. This small example of species forced to coexist in the real world has helped the Fukami Lab at Stanford University unravel the relative importance of two theories scientists have had about how species can live together."