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What can you learn from your own genome? Science writer Carl Zimmer found out

Carl Zimmer (center) with Carlos Bustamante and Marcus Feldman

Carl Zimmer (center) with CEHG Directors, C. Bustamante and M. Feldman. Courtesy of Saul Bromberger & Sandra Hoover, 2017. 

"I was in high school when the human genome made it to front pages of newspapers around the world. Unlocking our genetic code had taken $2.7 billion and close to 15 years to finish. That was 2001.

Today, it costs only about $1,000 to sequence a whole genome — a dollar figure low enough for personal genome sequencing to make sense. But what might it mean to get your own genome sequenced?

That was the question Carl Zimmer, bestselling author and science columnist for the New York Times and other publications, explored at a symposium organized by the Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary Human Genomics this week."- Devika G. Bansal, Stanford Medicine SCOPE