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Additional Programs

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The programs on this page are archived or paused.

CEHG Arts Workgroup

CEHG Arts Workgroup

The CEHG Arts Workgroup is an academic and professional training group that was created to explore interdisciplinary avenues in the arts and sciences. Trainee members focus on building the communication, presentation and social skills needed when pursuing scientific careers and research.

CEHG Outreach Program

CEHG started a middle and high school science education outreach program in order to inspire and educate the next generation of interdisciplinary computational, evolutionary and human geneticists and to contribute to greater diversity in STEM fields.

ONE Health Symposium

The 2017 Stanford One Health Symposium, hosted by CEHG, was focused on Comparative Oncology. Agenda details, speaker bios, links to past One Health conference sites, and more are just a click away!

Eugenics and Scientific Racism at Stanford and Beyond

From 2020 - 2021, CEHG hosted a thought-provoking seminar series focused on the intersection of eugenics with the sciences, acknowledging the persisting influence of our forerunners and discussing how to grow beyond their legacy.

Partnered Symposia

In addition to our Annual Symposium, CEHG has partnered with other departments to co-sponsor additional symposia over the years.