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Bay Area Population Genomics (BAPG) Conferences

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BAPG conferences draw attendees from throughout the Bay Area whose work intersects with population genomics. Rotating around various institutions in and near the Bay Area, these free conferences give researchers an opportunity to connect face-to-face with neighbors in their field. The event is a 1-day conference with an informal atmosphere, held on a Saturday, with many talks featuring PhD students and postdocs.  

CEHG faculty member Dmitri Petrov has been running these conferences since 2009. These low-key events are supported by local corporate sponsors and by centers at the local institutions, including CEHG. Participants appreciate the chance to have a first look at advances in population genomics, put faces to peers they'd previously only known by name, and find collaborators for new and ongoing projects.

In between talks at BAPG XI here at Stanford.

BAPG Archive

An archive of conference schedules can be found below. 


Thank you to the Coop Lab blog and Dmitri Petrov for the photos.