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PCG People

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Dmitri Petrov     Director

Dmitri Petrov     Director

Michelle and Kevin Douglas Professor of Biology and Associate Chair of the Biology Department

Dmitri’s lab does theoretical, computational and experimental work to address questions in molecular evolution and molecular population genomics.



Simon Morgan     Associate Director of Conservation

Simon Morgan     Associate Director of Conservation

Simon’s initial research focus was on black rhino reintroduction ecology and has been working as a conservation ecologist for the last 13 years in Southern Africa. Working through an NGO he co-founded, Wildlife ACT, his focus has been on the monitoring and conservation management of threatened and endangered wildlife species. Simon will use this background to help guide and link conservation organisations to make use of this progressive genomics lab.


 Katie Solari    Associate Director of Genomics

Katie Solari    Associate Director of Genomics

Katie’s Ph.D. work in the Hadly Lab at Stanford University is focused on investigating what mechanisms pika species (small mammals related to rabbits) are using to afford them hypoxia-tolerance at high elevations. As part of the PCG, Katie will be working to implement genomic tools and develop pipelines to aid conservation management.



Ellie E. Armstrong     Graduate Student

Ellie E. Armstrong     Graduate Student

Ellie is a graduate student in the Petrov and Hadly labs. Her research focuses on applying genomic methods to a variety of ecological and conservation projects, such as tracking the illegal tiger trade and the population genomic history of lions.



Jordana Meyer     Graduate Student

Jordana Meyer     Graduate Student

Jordana is a grad student in the Hadly Lab and her research goals include reducing the long- and short-term impacts on biodiversity by sustaining functional ecosystems and services and incorporating applied conservation genomics into management strategies and policy change.


Hannah Gellert   Graduate Student

Hannah is a lab technician in the Petrov lab. She received her B.A. from Middlebury College, where she worked with Greg Pask, studying insect olfaction in the species Harpegnathos saltator. In the Petrov lab, Hannah primarily works on a project seeking to understand how population genetic processes shape genetic diversity at the macroevolutionary timescale in Drosophila.