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CEHG Arts WorkGroup

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The CEHG Arts Workgroup is an academic and professional training group that was created to explore interdisciplinary avenues in the arts and sciences. Trainee members focus on building the communication, presentation and social skills needed when pursuing scientific careers and research. Specifically, we work on how to utilize artistic expression in order to communicate science to a wider and more diverse audience. In doing so, we hope to capture and communicate scientific ideas in a way that transcends broader academic divides and opens the door for continued interpretation. Our larger mission is to join the rigor of science with the resonance of art in order to make the most impactful CEHG research more accessible and intuitive.

Our integrative approach involves monthly hour and a half- long meetings, half of which are devoted to discussion and half to artistic practice. During our meetings, group members are lead in discussion about creative methods for integrating the arts into their individual scientific practices as well as broader themes across the arts and sciences. Group members are also encouraged, although not required, to engage in artistic practice to explore new ideas, collaborate with each other, and discover new ways to approach their CEHG research. The purpose of this holistic approach is to not only teach new skills and address the individual needs of the group, but also to introduce novel interdisciplinary concepts in order to spark creativity. To this end, we have hosted field trips throughout the year to locations such as the Rodin sculpture garden in order to fuel our discussions and provide fresh inspiration.

Click on the images below to view, one by one, the photos taken by CEHG Arts group members at a photo shoot field trip taken recently to the Cantor Museum on Stanford campus.