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Annual Symposium

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CEHG hosts an annual symposium on Stanford campus, taking place over one or two days. Starting in 2013, these events attract 100-200 attendees and draw speakers from the Bay Area and beyond. These events showcase research being performed in CEHG member labs and advance CEHG's goal of forming interdisciplinary connections within the larger scientific community. 

The symposium consists of talks by faculty, trainees, and guest speakers, a keynote presentation, and poster presentations. Speakers span a wide range of disciplines to reflect the breadth of interests present within the CEHG community. Coffee and lunch breaks provide opportunities for attendees to network, connect with colleagues, forge new relationships, and reunite with previous collaborators and friends.

Gene Myers and 2015 CEHG Executive Committee members Marc Feldman, Chiara Sabatti, and Carlos Bustamante.


An archive of symposium schedules can be found below.

  • 2013 (May 1)
  • 2014 (January 13)
  • 2015 (April 13 & 14; Keynote speakers: Ami Bhatt, Ed Green, Michelle Mello, Gene Myers)
  • 2016 (February 29 & March 1; Keynote speaker: Christine Kenneally)
  • 2017 (March 6; Keynote speaker: Carl Zimmer)
  • 2018 (February 26; Keynote speaker: Anne Stone)
  • 2019 (February 25; Keynote speakers: Barbara Koenig, Rasmus Nielsen, Theodore M. Porter)
  • 2020 (February 24; Keynote speakers: Jenny Tung, Eric Turkheimer)