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Evolgenome Archive

2017-18 speaker series For abstract and bio info on each speaker, visit our Events pages, and click on the date of the presentation you would like to read more about. 

Name Affiliation Talk Title Date Location
Yoav Ram Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Biology Vertical and oblique transmission under fluctuating selection Wed 11/1, 12pm Alway M114
Gill Bejerano Associate Professor, Stanford Developmental Biology and Computer Science

Oh, what joy we'll have--comparative genomics in the land of plenty

Wed 11/15, 12pm Alway M106
Julie Granka Manager of Personalized Genomics, Ancestry DNA Characterization and implications of fine-scale population structure in the United States Wed 12/6, 12pm Alway M106
Justin Kao Co-Founder and SVP, Helix 

Digitizing the Genome: How using your DNA will be as common as using your smartphone

Wed 12/13, 12pm Alway M106
Mark Daly; and Ellie Armstrong Director of Market Development at Dovetail Genomics; and PhD Student, Stanford Hadly and Petrov Labs

Dovetail Genomics--Building the Best Genomes on Earth and the Latest Technology for Genome Assembly

Wed 1/31, 12pm Alway M106
Anne Brunet Michele and Timothy  Barakett Endowed Professor, Stanford Genetics

Developing the African killifish as a new model for the evolution of lifespan and aging

Wed 3/7, 12pm LKSC 130
Huwenbo Shi PhD Student, UCLA Bioinformatics

Partition heritability and genetic correlation by genomic regions from GWAS summary statistics

Wed 3/14, 12pm  Alway M106
Kristin Lee PhD Candidate, UC Davis (Coop Lab)

Detecting signatures of convergent adaptation in population genomic data

Wed 5/2, 12pm Alway M106
Brenna Henn Associate Professor of Anthropology, UC Davis

No evidence for recent selection at FOXP2 among diverse human populations

Wed 5/16, 12pm Alway M106
Noah Zaitlen Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSF

An evolutionary compass for elucidating selection mechanisms shaping complex traits

Wed 5/30, 12pm Alway M106